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Right now Restaurantsalg.dk
has more than 40 interesting Cafe's and Restaurants
for sale in Copenhagen and other destinations in Denmark


Some of the most interesting you can find below. The rest are in Danish only (sorry!), but you can see the numbers and the photos.

Here is what the numbers stands for:

Sag nr. = Case no.

Pris = Price in DKK

Pris på vilkår = Price in DKK if financed with a down payment

Udbetaling = Downpayment in DKK

Omsætning/år = Yearly turn over in DKK

Husleje pr. md = Monthly rent in DKK

Pladser inde = Seats indoor

Pladser ude = Seats outdoor


If you click on one case, you will be asked about your e-mail, and also your name and tel. no., and after you will be remembered, so that is only first time you want to see a case.


Go to the sales list: Click here.


Vesterbro København Case No. 3699

Large, famous restaurant close to City Hall, Copenhag



The largest and well known Australian restaurant in Denmark, situated in a perfect location in the center of Copenhagen close to the City Hall.
Many seats and square meters, good turnover and great possibility for development. Here you will get a restaurant beautiful decorated in modern style, lounge, large well equipped kitchen and extra kitchen, suitable for catering. The present opening hours are limited to the evening only, which leaves an opportunity for the future owner to increase revenue further. Opening hour is allowed until 05 o'clock every day.

From the street you will enter the restaurant with 100 seats for dining and panoramic windows facing the street. Here is a large well-equipped bar, and the room is divided into sections. In the middle of the room you will find large cabinets for wine, wardrobes stairs to the beautiful toilets in the basement. At the other end of the restaurant there is a serving bar and access to the large kitchen with all kinds of kitchen equipment, separate dishing area and large refrigerators and freezers.
From the restaurant there are stairs to an exclusive lounge with a large bar.
In the basement there is also a large extra kitchen with fridge, freezer and independent entrance, suitable for catering.
There is outdoor serving for 10-15 guests.
Finally on the first floor there is an office space of 60 m2.
Here is alcohol licence until 05 o'clock every day.
Seller is asking for strict confidentiality.

Mortgage Price


Down payment

Turn over/year 9.000.000
Rent per month 110.293
Total Space m2 700
Seats indoor 150
Seats outdoor 15

Cph. suburbs Case No. 3212

Hotel, 56 rooms and possible extending to 125



Well run and maintained hotel, centrally located in quiet surroundings, 10 km from the Town Hall Square and close to the highway to the airport. 56 rooms with toilet and bath, and the possibility for expansion to 125 rooms. Lovely dining rooms, lounge and large kitchen. Well-maintained property combining old inn-style and modern facilities.
This is an exciting investment with great potential for an investor, to whom we will be happy to find a qualified operator, - or for just Mrs./Mr. innkeeper, who intend to manage the business themselves.
The hotel is currently. family owned and - driven. The revenue is stable and slightly increasing, and the place has a good reputation both with the hotel guests and in the local society. The hotel was upgraded for 27 mill. DKK in 2010, and now the property includes a development plan for an extension of up to 70 new rooms.
The property and the business consists of:
Tap room, 70 m2, 40 seats + 30 outdoor
Breakfast Lounge, 150 m2, 80 seats
Restaurant, 100 m2, 40 seats
Event room, 100 m2, 40 seats
Cafe, 50 m2, 20 seats.
Back yard, 40 seats
Outdoor in the main street 3 x 20 m, 40 seats
56 hotel rooms, 1300 m2
Possible expansion with 90 new rooms to 150.
Plot: 2048 m2
Total building area: 2,669 m2
Public Property value: 35,000,000 DKK
Taxes: 412.600 DKK/year
The hotel has district heating and public water supply.

We are looking forward to respond to any serious interest.
Turn over/year 17.000.000
Total Space m2 3.106


is market leading in Denmark within purchace/sales/rent of companies, premises and facilities in the Hotel- and Restaurant Business:

Restaurants, Cafees, Discoteqes, Night Clubs, Bars, Pubs, Inns, Hotels, Catering etc.


Cooperating with Restaurantsalg.dk you will have access to the largest selection of business for sale and rent within the Hotel- and Restaurant Business in Denmark.


Find any of the cases where you want further information, CLICK, and you will recieve an immediate prospect.

Most prospects are in Danish language, - sorry! however we believe that you can read most of the exact data, and we are always available for further information and inspection visits.


We do also offer our services concerning financing, alkohol licence, Danish Food Authorities, establishing of limited company, franchising etc.


For sale

Since year 2000, Restaurantsalg.dk has been the market leading broker for Danish restaurant- and hotel business. We have traded around 300 restaurants and cafees, bars and take-aways etc., mainly in Copenhagen.


Our clients

are mainly Danish professionels, who are already owners, or chefs and waiters who are ready to start on their own. Our files contain more than 2,000 owners and potential buyers. And our network also includes lawyers, auditors, banks and investor partners.



is a full service provider for the restaurant business, including:

- Mediation between buyer and seller
- Mediation between tenant and landlord
- Assessment of business and property
- Financing
- Founding of limited company

  (A/S and ApS)
- Application for license
- Consulting in any relation to

  Danish authorities


Since mid 2008, average turnover in the Copenhagen restaurant business has decreased by around 15%. However, the turnover is still 30-40% higher then in 2003, and the potential in this city is interesting, because of an almost stabile tourism, and because the locals are open for new ideas and concepts.


Copenhagen and suburbs

have around 30% of the restaurant activity in Denmark. The remaining 70% is spread over the country, mainly in the cities of Århus, Odense and Aalborg, but also more than 50 major towns have space for 1-3 restaurants with a turnover exceeding 5 mio. DKK.


If you have any plans or any specific interest concerning the Danish restaurant- and hotel business, we will be happy to serve you the best we can.

Flemming@restaurantsalg.dk, direct: +45 8882 7001.



Please expect full discretion from Restaurantsalg.dk, and please accept that this works both ways.



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